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DREAMLY Elopement on Lake Como

We are inspired by the era of Queen Marie Antoinette.

Her famous way of expressing herself. Her attention to detail and the launch of her impeccable style.

We chose a place for our project that fully respects that style and charm.

Villa Balbiano on Lake Como is always a winning location, but we wanted to make our details as simple and elegant as possible, so as not to overwhelm the richness and elegance of the villa.

We have created dresses with elegant and majestic lines, decorative details and decorations that shine and reflect the sun.

We wanted to achieve an effect of crystalline elegance.

In the looks we looked for clean and defined lines, in the decorations we wanted to have a contrast with the color of the lake. We therefore chose the palette of ivory, light pink, coral and pomegranate red. Colors mixed together creating a splendid watercolor.

For our project 2 different dresses were created by Raynik Anna.

One inspired a little by the skirts of Marie Antoinette's era.

With the light and silky fabric the skirt creates a beautiful heart-shaped line.

Second evening dress in black lace, with imitation of transparency.

Stationery inspired by the precious marbles present in the villa. The mirrored table reflected the beautiful colors of the flowers, crystal chandeliers and the blue sky. We wanted to minimize the presence of fabrics while remaining in harmony with the transparent spring air. Table, chairs, candlesticks and dishes all breathed with light.

As flowers we chose very light pink anthuriums, calla lilies and pomegranate roses. All colors have been positioned starting from the lightest to the most intense.

The brightly colored ceremony with the backdrop of the lake, mountains and green grass was a crucial element. To avoid distracting attention, we chose transparent Louis XII style chairs.

Champagne tower with dry ice created a beautiful backdrop with white smoke, decorated with cherries as well as our Vintage style cake.

Spring is a perfect time to create inspirational fairy tales especially if these fairy tales are told from Italy.



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