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New History of "Dolce Vita"

Aggiornamento: 7 ott 2023

We opened this season with a bright wedding.

We met Alina and Arnaud in early spring, and literally immediately began preparations, since there was very little time left before the celebration.

The couple chose a private villa on the Ligurian coast in Sestri Levante for their intimate celebration. The first visit to this location won our hearts with its character and breathtaking views. The villa is located high on a cliff, from the windows and terrace of the villa it seems that you are on board a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

The celebration style chosen for the wedding by all of us is our favorite Italian “Dolce Vita”. This means bright, rich colors in the design and decor, an abundance of local cuisine and Italian music.

We have developed personal printing for the wedding, emphasizing the overall style of the wedding. For gifts, guests were waiting for small bottles with the famous "LIMONCELLO" liqueur, specially made for them on the Amalfi Сoast.

On June 4, Italy gave us a sunny day and a warm gentle wind from the sea. The wedding ceremony and dinner were organized on the terrace of the villa. Guests enjoyed delicious Italian cuisine, music and the smell of the sea. It was one day with a memory for a lifetime.

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