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Autumn haze on Lake Como

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When couples turn to us for advice on what time of year it is better to plan a wedding in Italy, we answer that Italy is beautiful at any time of the year. But our invariable favorites are the off-season - a wildly blooming, fragrant spring and a mysterious watercolor autumn shrouded in a light haze.

It was this background that Diana and Fabio chose for their intimate wedding. A romantic couple who conquered us at first sight. The venue for the celebration was the pearl of Lake Como - Villa Balbiano.

The couple originally planned to make the ceremony in front of the villa itself, but then, together with the designer-florist @magnolias_on_silk, we agreed that it would be original to hold the ceremony on the pier. Diana and Fabio enthusiastically accepted our offer, and did not regret it at all.

After a romantic and touching ceremony, the couple went for a walk on the lake. Beautiful views, wind in your hair and muffling thoughts, crazy emotions captured by @vividsymphony. These are all weddings in Italy that we organize for you.

At the end of the walk, the young were greeted by happy guests. An intimate dinner with loved ones and relatives was served in the luxurious lobby of the villa. Autumn colors in the decor and a lot of candles.

Your memories of a wedding in Italy are tears of happiness and a never-ending smile on your face.


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