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Ispiration from the past

Aggiornamento: 1 feb 2023

Italy is still the place where you always want to return. This sunny, hospitable country attracts couples in love from all over the world. There is inspiration at every turn.

We don’t like comparisons when choosing places for a wedding. In Italy, all lakes, cities and provinces have their own uniqueness and charm.

Katharina and Martin from Germany, a very beautiful and romantic couple who conquered us immediately with their tender feelings and attitude towards each other. They did not hesitate to give preference to Lake Garda. Its uniqueness is that there are incredible spaces here, sometimes it seems that you are somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.

The hotel that the couple chosen to celebrate their wedding is located in the heart of Sirmione, its historic center. “ Villa Cortine Palace Hotel” is so beautiful and majestic that it will take your breath away when you first meet it. The windows offer stunning views of the city and Lake Garda. A real paradise.

This couple, with their appearance and presentation, inspired us to embody something light with notes of aristocracy. Dried flowers and only light colors with a dominance of white were used in the design and decor.

The wedding stationery from Edelweiss Weddings were created especially for this wedding on handmade paper.

Katarina's fragility and sophistication is reflected in the “MYBRIDALBOUTIQUE” , a silhouetted lace wedding dress with airy and light lines. The look was complemented by snow-white mesh shoes, decorated with rhinestones and crystals from “Bella Belle Shoes” – it’s every bride’s dream.

White ceramic hair jewelry and earrings completed Katarina's look.

We don't have to flip through wedding magazines or internet portals looking for wedding inspiration. All that we need we find in our couples in love.

With this shooting , we wanted to take you into the past, leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste after watching.


Photography, Video, Organization @vividsymphony

Wedding Planner & Organization @diana_events_italy@edelweiss_wed

Stationery @edelweiss_cd

Styling props @marryandlilo

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