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Lemon mood

The wedding of Anastasia and Michele fell on the hottest, and at the same time, the most popular time of the year for weddings in Italy - June. At the first meeting the idea of ​​decoration and the venue of the celebration were born. Knowing for sure that it will be hot, we chose a location near the water and the main element around which the whole idea was built about lemons. Even the walls of the villa are painted in a juicy yellow color. The villa itself is amazing, immersed in various types of vegetation and flowers. Guests could enjoy not only a beautiful view of the lake, but also enjoy the aromas of jasmine, roses and peonies. They decided to execute invitations on cotton paper of the historical Amalfi bottega. The decoration was a wax seal of pearl color, the graphics of flowers on the invitation and the villa itself on the envelope. The ceremony was decorated with racks with compositions, candles and many lemons. Of course the aperitifs for guests was mixed with lemon juices . The bride’s bouquet was not only voluminous, but also fragrant, thanks to white peonies. Anastasia, like many brides recently, could not make a choice between lush and silhouette dresses, so she choosed both .. Silhouette was translucent with a slight sheen on the lace, the second was light airy of organza. The whole week before the wedding, we were very worried about the weather, as the week turned out to be cold and rainy. But on June 12 th 2019, the sun smiled at us and good luck with it. Our lemon idea without the sun would not be what we had in mind. For a long time we will remember this bright wedding and romantic Anastasia and Michele. Thank you for entrusting us with your celebration.


Flowers & Decor @dellabellafiori

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Headpiece & Earrings @dellabellagioielli

Flowers & Decor @dellabellafiori

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Table runner & silk ribbons @silkyrivers_

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