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Elopement on Lake Como in white and green shades

Aggiornamento: 1 nov 2023

Sarah and Chris began planning their elopement 15 months earlier. They have chosen Lake Como as their destination. We have proposed a small hotel - charming villa in a famous village called Laglio.

In addition to being very nice, this villa is located in a spectacular point of the lake. Where you can see the other side up close.

Sarah and Chris preferred white and green colors for set-up and polygraphy. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful day alone. The ceremony was accompanied by the harp and the sound of the lake. Sarah and Chris exchanged vows, touching all of us.

After the ceremony, the couple went for a boat ride, enjoying the famous images. We booked Villa Melzi for the photo shoot. The villa has a very large botanical garden and the majestic villa itself which overlooks the lake and greets visitors from all over the world every day.

The elopement day was concluded in an equally beautiful and romantic way. Sarah and Chris got together in a gazebo at Villa Vittoria for a dinner, surrounded by greenery and the lights of the lake.


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