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A new love story in Villa di Geggiano.

When we are engrossed in reading a favorite book, our first desire is to know what the ending will be as soon as possible, and after that we re-read it again and again.

We experienced the same feeling while preparing an intimate celebration for Roberta and Samuel in Tuscany. We have been preparing for this celebration for so long and excitingly, but it passed in one breath.

We chose Villa Di Geggiano with a breathtaking history as the location for the wedding. The villa has been owned by the same family since 1527. Originally built in the 14th century as a farmhouse, it was converted into a magnificent villa with a private chapel and a sumptuous garden in 1768. In 1790, the famous Austrian artist Ignazio Moder was engaged in painting the entrance gallery, famous today, depicting the twelve months of the year.

An almost unique case among private residences in Italy, the villa still has several rooms with original 18th century furniture in the Veneziano Rustico style and incredibly well-preserved antique French wallpapers and fabrics that the owners of the villa protect from contact with sunlight. In 1995, Bernardo Bertolucci chose Villa for his film with a young Liv Tyler "Stealing Beauty"

The architecture of the villa, the frescoes, the delightful garden "alla Italiana" and the amphitheater give goosebumps. Everything here is created to inspire and celebrate the most beautiful and unforgettable day of your life.

The villa is located in the famous Chianti Valley near Siena, beautiful hilly scenery and endless strands of flowering vineyards complete the landscape.

Roberta chose pastel colors for the wedding with a touch of blue and soft pink. For floristry, spring flowers were used, including delicate ranunculus. We focused on the blue color, which fits perfectly into the general mood. This color was present in the decor, printing and accessories of the bride. Even our beautiful shoes contained a blue tint in the lace elements. The inspiration for this color was taken by the frescoes of one of the boudoir rooms of the villa.

Our team tried to create a sense of comfort at the wedding, so that the guests feel at home, with our young people at the head.

We decided not to close the chapter of our book, but to put an ellipsis.

Let your inspiration draw the ending.

To be continued...


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