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Fairytale on Lake Como

Aggiornamento: 11 feb

This wedding was very intimate and familiar. We started preparing almost 2 years before, when Arielle the bride contacted me. They already had an idea where they wanted to get married when we proposed another wedding solution in Villa Cipressi in Varenna.

Arielle immediately fell in love with this location and we began to create their fairy tale.

Arielle and Enri are very young, from a Jewish family. Parents on both families took care of the planning while respecting their own traditions. We spent long video calls talking with them. They were very worried about planning the wedding in distance.

I tried in every way to reassure them. We did the menu tasting, sending the photographs. We gave advice on which dishes to choose to satisfy the tastes of all the guests. All this time it felt like I was part of their family.

We planned the photo shoot in Villa Balbianello the day before the wedding. Welcome dinner in a restaurant near the wedding venue with a beautiful view of the lake.

It was a real pleasure to finally meet them.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.

A pleasant dinner with candle lights and the sound of the lake.

We created the fairy tale for Arielle and Enri and her beautiful family.

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