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Romantic Wedding on Lake Como

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Marianna & Albert are a truly romantic couple from who made us all move.

Marianna contacted us in February 2023 with a request to plan their intimate wedding for 20 people on Lake Como in July.

She already had clear ideas of what she wanted, and also the location they liked.

We booked "Imerialino" is the restaurant of the Imperiale hotel in Moltrasio.

The ceremony had to take place on the lake shore and the reception on the terrace which always overlooks Lake Como, offering a breathtaking view.

Marianna was always very attentive, she made sure everything was perfect.

These are the things that all brides feel.

They chose the very classic and elegant palette of the setup, white and green, with many candles on the table.

Marianna & Albert are from Estonia, they chose Italy for their wedding due to its warm temperatures and sunny days.

The whole of July 2023 was incredibly hot, reaching record temperatures of +45°

The only cold day with a storm was ours. Marianna & Albert brought Estonia to Lake Como.

We are always ready for plan B.

Unfortunately we cannot change the weather, but we can always make the scenario turn in our favor.

We found half a break when it wasn't raining to do the boat ride. At the ceremony with the exchange of rings and a final kiss, a little sunshine came out.

But dinner was prepared with fireworks with the strong storm, thunder and lightning.

Now all this made no difference.

Because there was so much love in the air.

Marianna & Albert were happy, they gave us their looks.

At the end of the wedding Albert said to Marianna "You were afraid that it would be too hot, and the universe heard you"

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