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Just perfect

It was with these words that our acquaintance with this story dedicated to Eliza and Oliver began. We wanted to create the perfect picture that will definitely grab your attention.

We decided to locate this story not anywhere, but in one of the most beautiful and world-famous places in Italy – Lake Como. This place is steeped in romance, which is why it continues to attract couples in love. Here, inspiration lives in every corner of its little winding streets. Here at every step your heart stops and takes your breath away. What else is needed for happiness ?!

We strived to ensure that your imagination does not get bored. The place for the wedding celebration, which we have chosen for the marriage, is located in a small village. Relais Villa Vittoria , a very romantic hotel with provincial style finishes and interiors. From the windows of the villa, you will have an incredible panoramic view of the lake, which is so close that it seems that you can touch it with your hand, you just have to stretch it.

Style and decor for wedding decoration, we chose light, almost watercolor. Florist "Della Bella fiori" suggested making lilac and pink the main colors of the celebration, which blend perfectly with the landscapes of the lake.

Eliza's first dress from" Fio Couture"was soft pink, decorated with transparent sequins, the second siluette white from delicate lace. Both outfits perfectly emphasized the elegance and femininity of the bride. As well as jewelry from "Della Bella Gioelli"

Edelweiss Card Design has created very delicate invitations for this couple, on cotton paper with embossing, the envelope adorns the romantic watercolor landscape of Como.

Our task was not to distract attention from the beauty that surrounded us, but to stay on the same color wave. Our guidelines were tenderness, lightness and watercolor transparency. When you are faced with such a task, it is a pleasure to realize it. For us, it is also synonymous with the perfect wedding. But if you have your own, we will be happy to add them to our piggy bank.


Planner & Organization @diana_events_italy@edelweiss_wed

Photographer @stefanocasati

Flowers & Decor @dellabellafiori

Muah & Styling @olga_muah_milan

Headpiece & Earrings @dellabellagioielli

Stationery @edelweiss_cd

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