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In the castle of dreams.

Aggiornamento: 1 nov 2023

At the very moment when the dream comes true, you are overwhelmed with emotions, and you hardly hold back tears. This is a familiar feeling of endless happiness. Do not hold back tears and do not be shy of your emotions - they are wonderful!

For the wedding of Polina and Pavel, it was not the goal to arrange a “ROYAL WEDDING”. A small number of guests (only 30 people) pushed us to find a small cozy place somewhere on the lake and arrange an intimate atmosphere for the celebration. But fate decreed that romance prevailed over practicality, and a medieval English-style castle conquered the heart of the bride.

So, a fairy tale to be, we decided!

In the creation of wedding printing, we preferred the classics. Invitations made of thick cotton paper with an illustration of the castle and a wax seal on the envelope. All in the best traditions of royal receptions. We really wanted the guests to feel in advance the significance of the upcoming celebration.

"Castello dal Pozzo" is located high on a hill, from its terrace offers a magnificent view of the small town of Arona and Lake Maggiore. Surrounded by a picturesque park, the castle conquers with its grandeur and luxury.

The style for the wedding was chosen by “Black & White”, and the floral design - in a white-green palette, as a symbol of purity and harmony. Florist and head of the studio "Della Bella Fiori" Giulia, agreed that this palette is the best suited for the exterior and interior decorations of the castle. Snow-white hydrangeas and eucalyptus decorated the ceremony in the park and the wedding table.

The wedding ceremony in my opinion is one of the most exciting moments of the celebration. This is the moment when the treasured "Yes" echoes in your hearts and the hearts of all those 7to whom you are dear. This part will be remembered by everyone after the wedding. And in our case, the addition to everything was a surprise from the bride, who struck the guests with a change of dress to go to the altar.

I always approach the preparation of the ceremony with particular emotion. After all, it's like touching a story. Our wedding fairy Ksenia, who always turns a symbolic ceremony into a real emotional triumph, was responsible for the emotions and tears of joy.

For me, organizing a wedding is akin to creating a new film about love. But for this, it is not enough to have a director, actors and scenery: you need someone who will make it possible for the movie to appear on large screens. Of course, I'm talking about a photographer and a videographer. In our case, about Stefano Casati, who has recently become part of our family (that's what I call our team). Make-up artists, girls of Blbservice studio, played an important role in the creation of our film, they worked on the image of the bride and her friends.

Do not be afraid to dream, to declare to the World your desires! We believe that each of them will come true!

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