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Golden age of hollywood

On July 23, 2015, we created a memorable shooting for the wedding of a magnificent couple, Natalia and Yuri, who this year celebrated their 15 years together. They decided to spend this beautiful day in a particular way, their choice was a honeymoon in Italy. They have appealed to our agency, and we thank them for this, and with the work and familiarity of this beautiful couple we have tried together a lot of positive and pleasant emotions, thanks Natalia and Yuri for the trust and choice of our agency. unparalleled, inspired by the history of Hollywood's "Golden Age" of the 1930s. This is their choice for the style and theme of the photo shoot. A dive into the atmosphere of those unforgettable years .. Our photographer was talented, Anna Korotkova. Like no one else knows how to conquer the subjects, to help them be completely relaxed. Since the event was celebrated during the summer months, we decided to organize everything on Lake Maggiore, in the enchanting scenery of Stresa. The choice of places of interest for filming was difficult, as in Italy there is an infinite choice of beautiful and romantic places, and we had limited time. Therefore, we decided to choose the "Villa Pallavicino", the Isola Bella and the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees. Stresa is the city itself and its beautiful long lake, with a series of luxurious hotels. To complete their stay in Italy we have set up a beautiful romantic dinner on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Everything was simply fantastic, time has favored us, as shown by the photographs. I thank Anna Korotkova for this.

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