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What we offer


Our goal is to set up weddings and special events with floral decorations.

All our works are designed with care and passion. Each floral arrangement is a new scenario, it is born and comes to life from the synergy between your desires and the creativity of our team.

The first step is to figure out which style is right for you. You can visit our blog to discover the latest style and color possibilities for your wedding.

Our services

Bridal bouquet

Today the bridal bouquet is a real accessory, it must be combined with the dress but also with the figure of the bride. There is a fashion for him too. There are times when very small bouquets go for the most, others when they absolutely have to be large or even huge. In short, the size, color and style of the bridal bouquet are affected by the changes in fashion at that time.

Table decor

As for the decorations for the ceremony, if it is a symbolic ceremony, there are no particular rules to follow, if not those of good taste.

If, on the other hand, it is a religious or civil ceremony, we must certainly respect the places that host it, the Church or the municipality. In both cases there are rules on quantity.

These rules are established in the first place to preserve the locations, often of great historical and cultural value, in order to prevent careless fitters from causing permanent damage. In some cases, the rules are dictated, however, by the need for a certain sobriety.

Ceremony decor

Lots of imagination, however, for the decoration of the wedding banquet! The centerpiece for a wedding is the most fun and rewarding part to design with us.

The possibilities are endless and pass both through the choice of flowers and colors, and through the combination of all the furnishing accessories that can be used on the table: backsplashes, vases, candlesticks and candles and all this, combined with the choice of tablecloths. , menus and mise en-place, will make every wedding unique Read here the trends in wedding design.


Floral accessories play a very important role in a wedding, as they enrich the overall style with precious details. The so-called “Buttonhole” for the groom, witnesses, fathers and possibly also for grandparents. Bracelet “corsages and bouquets” for the groom's mother, as well as for grandmothers and bridesmaids. If smaller bridesmaids are present, the cutest choice is the floral crown and bouquet. For the ceremony, the details preferred by our spouses usually concern a small floral touch on the back of their chairs and / or on their prie-dieu in front of the altar. For the reception, on the other hand, the “extra touch” is given by the flowers for the wedding cake and the decoration of the tableau mariage.

Love has the same colors as a flowery meadow, an explosion of joy for the eyes and for the heart.

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