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Love music notes in villa Bossi

Music and love cannot exist without each other. They are indivisible. All the most romantic tracks in the world are aspirated and breathe with love. Love for a woman, for a mother, for children, for nature or love for God. This is the feeling that guides the world. But what melody lights up your heart?

Italy remains the dream of all lovers. The country loved by everyone for its marvelous architecture, its everlasting and flowery nature and, of course, for its culture and music.

Finding a location for Emely and Robert's event was easy. The choice was a beautiful villa surrounded by greenery. Villa Bossi is known not only as a wedding venue. Here masterpieces, harpsichords and violins are produced with skillful craftsmanship. All done and hand painted. Orders arrive from all over the world. The villa is owned by a beautiful family, very united and proud of its origins and traditions. Precisely for this reason as soon as you enter you feel welcomed as if you were your home. The Villa is open to the public as a museum and welcomes guided tours of students who want to admire such beauty.

Our bride teaches children how to play the piano, so I said that the choice of location was simple.

We have studied all the details to emphasize the fragility of the bride and the romance of the groom. A couple that has transmitted a unique feeling to all those who have worked for this project.

Do you want advice? Do not ever give up on the wedding photographer's choice. He is a person who gives you memories of the most important and memorable day of your life ...

We were happy to collaborate with someone like Stefano Casati, he was always attentive to the smallest details, he knew how to get attention from the spouses.

The image of the bride was entrusted to the hands of Make-up Artist Natalia Morozova

The bride's dress was specially made by the famous boutique of Villa Cortese, Cristian Spose, a dress from the Italian Fio 'Couture collection, with a classic yet timeless line. A dress that highlights the figure and sensuality of the bride.

The accessories make the difference. Earrings and hairpins produced by Della Bella Gioielli.

The coordinator for the wedding stationary is ispirated from the style of the villa, with the image of the location in water colors on participation and with a gold seal on the envelope. An Edelweiss Card Design creation.

The flower designer Della Bella Fiori proposed to stay in line with the style of the villa and all that surrounds it. Therefore a freshly colored display was chosen. Green and White.

Unfortunately we did not find the sun on the day of the event, but we found it in our hearts.

Photographer & Video @stefanocasati Flowers & Decor @dellabellafiori Dress @fio_couture @cristianspose Headpiece & Earrings @dellabellagioielli Muah & Styling @nataliymorozova Cake @wondercake.lugano Stationery @edelweiss_cd Location @villabossi

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