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In the footsteps of Shakespeare's sonnets.

One of the favorite moments in the work of our team is to observe the transformation of the idea into a real and colorful event.

Not far from Lake Maggiore and Milan, there is the medieval town of Atstsate. A small castle with a balcony lurks there, which became our inspiration for creating the Shakespearean Juliet with elements of modernity.

Locanda di Mai Intees has its own amazing history, which goes back to the distant Middle Ages. Since the 15th century, the castle was privately owned. To this day, it belongs to the same family, its fifth generation: Signore Carlotta Pomatti and her son. It was they who took care of this villa and gave it a new life. After the restoration of the castle facades, and the interior of the castle, the hotel is located here, which received well-deserved 4 stars.

When we visited this magical place, the style of design and printing was drawn in our imagination by itself.

We did not completely immerse ourselves in the Middle Ages, deciding to dilute it with modernity.

We, with the florist and jewelry designer Julia, got the idea to build a script around flowers. Just imagine a bride who paints in water the delicate blue delphiniums that adorn the castle, a venue for a celebration, invitations and a wedding bouquet! As if the flowers were transferred from the canvas to reality. Nice, isn't it?

We are not looking for easy ways, you say.

So it is: we love difficulties and obstacles. The more valuable the final result becomes.

Our photographer Julia was delighted with the idea of ​​shooting and the place we chose.

And for us it is important that the project is loved by all participants in the future action. Only then can we hope for success.


Photographer @juliettekrivosheeva

Flowers & Décor @dellabellafiori

Dress @honeymoonsposa

Headpiece & Earrings @dellabellagioielli

Hair Styling @ok_katiastyle

Stationery @edelweiss_cd

Painting & graphic design @sokirra_art

Model @dauchy

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