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In one breath

Aggiornamento: 1 nov 2023

We always find our inspiration for the wedding in the couple. After meeting and communicating with the bride and groom, we identify their interests and wishes, which then help us in many ways in preparing the celebration.

For the wedding of Eli and Alberto, we chose an 18th-century villa on Lake Maggiore – Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo. This villa has always fascinated us, not only with its splendor, there is something mysterious in it that you want to quickly discover for yourself. We were captivated by its unique view of the lake itself, a huge garden and a lot of open space.

When choosing colors, we adhered to harmoniously combine with the image of our bright and extravagant bride. Florist Della Bella Fiori Julia proposed a burgundy palette interspersed with a smoky pink color. Polygraphy from Edelweiss Card Design was created on cotton paper in the color of Avorio interspersed with mother of pearl.

In the Cristian Spose salon, we measured many quantities of dresses, but when Eli was wearing this light cloud from Fio Couture, we immediately realized that it was love. The dress is airy, not constraining the movement, and revealing the femininity and sexuality of its owner.

Completed the image – a set of accessories from Della Bella Gioielli and burgundy shoes from Chiara Cesaraccio, which perfectly fit into the overall style of the wedding and luxurious decoration of the villa itself.

We are always chasing perfection in style, paying attention to every detail. Our work is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Each time new emotions, incomparable with anything. We have been preparing for this day for a long time, but we live it in an instant and in the same breath with our customers.


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