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How are you 21st century princess?

Let's fantasize about a modern princess languishing in a castle in anticipation of her fearless savior. What do you think she is: the frivolous Rapunzel, the helpful Cinderella or the trusting Snow White?

And here is how it seems to us.

In our imagination, the modern princess has a subtle, mysterious and slightly cold beauty, but also a heart glowing with passion. Smart and curious, she is ready for new discoveries and adventures.

Our princess is a girl striving for excellence in everything, inspired by her eternal ideal of the perfect style of Coco Chanel.

They say that once a woman finds her fragrance, a woman should not cheat on him. We will say more: the modern princess does not betray either her style, nor her fragrance, nor herself. Her heart is not ready to open to everyone, but only to someone who knows how to conquer him.

High on a hill, near Como, there is a small village, Erba. It is here, drowning in greenery, Villa Pina is located - the birthplace of our imagination and inspiration. The villa was built in 1800 in the style of its era. The terrace offers breathtaking lake views. Just imagine what sunrises and sunsets opened to the eyes of its many inhabitants!

As the modern princess in this villa could while away her waiting time, we can only guess. Maybe by making endless purchases online?

Do you know how to find me?

Lady Chanel ispiration.


Planner & Organization @diana_events_italy

Photographer @duet_friday

Flowers & Decor @dellabellafiori

Muah & Styling @olga_muah_milan

Headpiece & Earrings @dellabellagioielli

Stationery @edelweiss_cd

Location @villa_pina

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