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Hot November

Autumn is a favorite season for lovers of beauty. It creates amazing paintings, mixing the brightest colors.

We were waiting for one of these sunny days to catch the exciting moment of the extinction of nature. Here it is, inspiration!

For our project, we chose one of our favorite wedding venues: a villa on Lake Maggiore in Italy. To see all its advantages, it is enough to open the doors to the terrace. You will have an incredible panoramic view of the lake, islands and a huge park surrounding the villa.

In the design and decoration of this project, we preferred seasonal autumn colors to stay in perfect harmony with nature and be on the same color wave as this magical time of the year.

Bright colors became for us the promise of passion, which was to be seen in everything. Even when searching for a model, we were guided by the same feeling.

Fatima just became that hot pepper that we lacked.

We would like to give you a intense impression from viewing photos and a long, pleasant aftertaste. I am sure that we succeeded. Checked by me personally on all members of our hot team and approved for viewing 18+.



Flowers & Decor@dellabellafiori

Headpiece & Earrings@dellabellagioielli

Muah & Styling@alena.makeupartist


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