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Whether to take children to a wedding is an age-old dilemma that arises when compiling a guest list. Of course, there is no unambiguous solution to this issue, much depends on the format of the event and the behavior of the children themselves. The parents themselves, in their desire to relax and have fun, often forget about the children and they are left to their own devices.

Therefore, you will have to think about the little guests.

At the beginning of the holiday, all the children are brought up and combed, but we all mothers know what happens to our children when they get tired.

My advice to young people on this issue:

  • Remember that a wedding is a family holiday and all family members, including children, should be present.

  • Their presence and sonorous laughter will only enliven your holiday. You can invite them to participate in the celebration - to carry a bride's veil, a pillow for rings or a basket with petals. And yet, you can prepare a separate number in advance - a poem, a dance.

So at one of our weddings in 2010, a couple of kids opened the first dance of the young. It is very cute. Watch the video.

  • Seat parents with children closer to the exit so that it is easier for them to go to the toilet or take a walk without disturbing anyone. And in no case do not plant them next to the musicians. Children will get tired of the noise even faster.

  • Try to invite children of plus or minus the same age so that they are interested together.

  • There should be a separate menu for children. In Italy, this is not a problem. (Often this is a chop, hamburger and french fries)

  • If possible, allocate a separate area for children - a room. where they can play together. Buy board games, coloring books and felt-tip pens, stickers and other.

  • And now there is a separate service "Baby Sitter" for the wedding. This is the ideal option.

  • By the time "Everybody Dance" in the scenario of the wedding, it would be better to take the children home to the lulu (sleep).

For all children, the bride is (vera principessa). And they're crazy about her

So be patient, because not so long ago we ourselves were in their role.

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