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Boutonniere history

Every detail familiar to our eyes has a curious story behind it, equal to this one.

Boutonniere (fr. Boutonnière - a flower in a buttonhole) - one or more flowers or buds (usually carnations or roses), collected in a small bouquet inserted into the buttonhole, an accessory for a man's suit that diversifies its color scheme.

Boutonnieres appeared in Ancient Greece. In those days, men at the wedding ceremony attached a small bunch of flowers and herbs to their clothes. This was done in order to protect oneself from evil spirits, and the boutonniere was attached close to the heart.

Well, in Europe, the tradition of decorating clothes with a bunch appeared only in the Middle Ages. During the French Revolution, a red carnation in the buttonhole of noblemen ascending the scaffold symbolized their fearlessness. At the turn of the 18th-19th centuries, under the influence of the ideas of romanticism, interest in the entire natural, natural, mysterious and beautiful surrounding world increased. The boutonniere became a very fashionable accessory as a bright accent for a man's suit, which by that time had become very restrained in its color scheme. By the end of the 19th century, the boutonniere was the hallmark of a person who was attentive to his appearance.

The lapel flower was as essential a man's accessory as a watch chain, a cigarette case, and a jeweled pin.

In the 19th century, the extravagant boutonniere became a symbol of the dandy.

In the past, boutonnieres often complemented men's suits, now they are worn in everyday life, wishing to emphasize the individuality of their style, or on special occasions when the situation requires a formal style of dress, for example: a prom, a dance ball and of course a wedding.

I honestly admit that I treated the boutonniere mediocre, but this story changed my opinion.

How do you feel about a boutonniere in the form of men? For or Against? Have you heard about this story before?


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