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Autumn kiss

Favorite seasons for the wedding are spring and autumn. It is strange that the birth and extinction of nature are equally beautiful.

Nature itself sets the style and color palette for the wedding. But if spring is lightness and watercolor transparency, then autumn is juicy and bright colors saturated with sunlight. Amazing scenery for a love story, such as the story of Alessandro and Anna.

They met in Kiev, in the homeland of the bride. Describing their dating story, Alessandro jokingly says: «We started by asking how to get to the address, and ended the day at the restaurant, tasting Italian wines and talking about ours childhoods.»

Alessandro is a typical Italian man, as we used to see them in the films – open, passionate, funny. He broke into the life of a modest and sweet Anna, turning everything upside down.

I never tire of repeating that Italy is an ideal refuge for the hearts of the whole World.

For the wedding of Alessandro and Anna, we chose a villa that fits perfectly into the autumn scenery of nature and our scenario.

Villa Pina is located in the small town of Erba, near Como. Situated high on a hill, the villa is immersed in vegetation. A spectacle that would appeal to any artist and poet. The villa was built at the end of the 18th century, with architectural solutions typical of that time.

This magical autumn day began with heavy rain, what did not upset us, and ended with a cozy and sweet hug by the burning fireplace. At such moments it is impossible not to be happy. What we sincerely wish you.

Photographer @stefanocasati Flowers & Decor @dellabellafiori Muah & Styling @muah_olenika_milan Headpiece & Earrings @dellabellagioielli Dress @cristianspose Stationery @edelweiss_cd Cake @lallabycakes Bridal shoes @chiaracesaraccio Location @villa_pina

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